Droit Fiscal

Tax Law

With our expertise and know-how in tax planning we will strive to guide you in your decisions and will actively participate with you in order to reduce your tax burden.

Droit des affaires et commercial

Business Law

Our experience in the field of business law will help us elaborate together optional solutions for your business operations success.

Litige civil et commercial

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our reputation is well established in this field! We would be putting 20 years of experience in the field of litigation in which we believe we have excelled, and which have secured notable recognition from our colleagues and the judiciary at your disposal. We note with the years that our reputation with our colleagues helps us today with avoiding numerous litigious events for our client before the Courts.

Droit des successions

Law of Successions

Our close rapport and relations with our long-standing clients permit us to develop know-how in succession planning in order to protect our clients’ interest, to minimize the fiscal impact and in maximizing the preservation of their assets so preciously accumulated.

Droit immobilier

Real Estate Law

This is a field of practice that is dearest to us since our start. Our experience in transactions matters, construction, financing, leasing and with respect to hypothecary matters, are assets of which we can be proud of in the world of Real Estate Law.

Propriété intellectuelle

Intellectual Property

This is a field of practice to which we have dived into over the course of the last ten years as a result of the innovation spirit and know-how of how of our clients. In order to best assist our clients in their commercial activities, we have developed over time incentive methods aimed at protecting our clients trademarks… the cornerstone of the commercial value of their operations. Whether it is at the registration level or litigation regarding your patents, your trademarks, or your copyrights, we possess the know-how and the skillsets required on the national and international levels for protecting and asserting your rights with our many partners in this field.